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Neo-post-modernity and death of our every day and day of death of Death - Part III

Neo-post-modernity and death of our every day and day of death of Death - Part IIIDeath as an agent is divinely created by God powers and forces that are not monitored closely and very carefully you might think and say or had burrológicas verbiage to go on, as they have already launched our concept of death and given a brief description of this fantastic character, we will serve a greater theological depth that this issue has the value evangelism and doctrinal intended that he has. Death is the necessary evil for the application of punitive judgments of God to the sinner at the same time it serves as an agent of comfort for the believer who longs to be stopped forever in heaven, away from sin, danger, Máguas and pains caused by injustice of a company-Christian and ant. -God. Act more about this in and / JlJoseano. that base their beliefs on what their sinful hands create, in the words of Jean-Jacques Rousseau "Man is by nature good. It is society that corrupts. "Good, we contradict with Psalm 51: 5 Behold, I was shapen in iniquity and in sin my mother conceived me.

 In addition to Adam, Eve and Christ, who came into the world without original sin, the first two of the Divine creation, and the third birth by Divine Grace and the Work of the Holy Spirit. The first two have sinned, and the third remained impeccable, but has taken upon Himself the sins of all the elect of God including Adam and Eve, through whom Death secondary, now operate the sentences of punishment in practice, the wrath of the Santa Supremely God against sin of individuals and collectives, like the presence of death in the tsunami and earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, as well as a number of other events such as those that happen every day around us and simply say it was an accident or was a natural disaster. In any case the death is fulfilling its role of running the Chamber of God in the bad side, the one practiced by men in the short time he lived here, and the involvement of primary and Death itself hardly primary, not matter for now in view the fact that everything had been before the primary principle, which led to the world as we have today or how, because we have what's left after the original sin that there the Garden of Eden. So let's stay here, then we'll post later on the Death primary. If one day God gives me grace to publish drafts of my words thinker Joseane, On the Death of our every day eao days of Death of Death I started sketching when he was in seminary, but that was only finished it, when I their editorial opening the radio program that featured, which had the name,

Cross messages and then, with Christs Manha. Of all the radio programs I have presented, the editorial was always directed to the affairs of daily life within a theological perspective, that of the common man in his day to day information coming from the kingdom of heaven. Read more about this in and / JlJoseano. We can not at any time find that it all starts to eat death, death is indeed a return to the beginning of the purpose for which the Supreme God has brought into existence. Death is not the most in a supposed great conflict between Good (God) and evil (devil), because there is a larger conflict is no God and his creatures is the devil or man. God does not conflict at the end with great things that can destroy it at any time, in fact there are major conflicts between powers and equal in this case the devil and no one has ever been or will be equal to God Supremely. Death in and of itself and is only a creature, it is clear that we think is not the devil that should scare the sinner, but death, because the devil can do nothing more than God permitting, this includes their claim of death to the infidels and the believers who disrupt their plans too.
 The day of death, death, it is written and given by God, this will be the subject of our next post. the fact that dying is not the end is just the beginning of an eternity that can be good and happy with God or bad and sad about the devil and death in the lake of fire in sulfur, think of it, in our view, we must give glory to God all the time, all the time, because this is our responsibility to work in the universe finite infine especially the man wants to save or lost. As the deity of Christ, the Trinity and the atonement, hell is a biblical doctrine that has always been attacked in the New Testament church.
This attack continues today. It comes not only from those who are "Modern" and "liberal" in their teaching. Even the evangelical movement today it is those who attack the teaching but you ask me joseano we will talk in hell now? I say not yet..

Sola Dio Gloria.

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